Choice post week # 7

Encounters: UFO Experience William Zain via Compfight

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe that we are alone in this galaxy? I believe in aliens and that we are not alone.  I believe it because of Area 51. Why would the government have a place that you couldn’t go inside but just see the outside? When I get older I would like to go to Area 51. The biggest question I have is why do aliens abduct people with low power and not abduct people with high power like the president. If I were an alien, I would abduct the President and take over the world!

week#5 All about my family

 This week is all about family and family is so much important to me if I had to describe my family it would be crazy, wried. I live with my mom Patty, she loves to cook and draw, my dad Yobani like are movies and soccer, my two brothers Alex and Yovany and my sister Alondra. The oldest is Alex who is 18 his likes are video games, Star War, DC and rock music. I’m the second child my likes are books, music and Disney movies.  Alondra is 11 her interest are drawing, playing sport and video games. Yovany is 2 his likes are dinosaurs, Disney movies. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my family.




week #6 Happy

Fire and Brimstone

Creative Commons License Alexander Annenkov via Compfight

  They said to love yourself and to be happy, how can you be happy if you don’t love yourself you wish you could stop thinking all the bad things about you but you can’t.How many times you wish you could be happy and not fake being happy but you are doing this so people don’t need to worry about you but you can’t live with a fake smile forever. They tell you not to give up but it to late you gave up you gave up on your happiness. You don’t even know how to get you happiness back, you aren’t even sure you ever get it back.

Week4 Let’s look globally

 This week we are supposed to talk about about global issue. So A big global in my opinion is hunger. People take food for granted they don’t see have lucky they are to have food they get to fill their  belly with with great food. But not all people are lucky. That why it’s great to donation food it’s help’s family’s. So if you see a food drive donation it will help someone .